Training and Emotions Seminar with Dr. Amy Cook- Working Dog $175

9/16/2017 - 9/17/2017 @ 9:00 AM at West Hills Performance Annex with Amy Cook | View Map
Is your dog brilliant at home but shuts down at the show? Does he bark at people or dogs? Is she afraid of the teeter? Does he seem generally stressed out? For a pet dog, dealing with behavior challenges is a good idea. For a competition dog, it is non-negotiable. Our goal is to make your dog enthusiastic about performance (and life!) so he can enjoy himself! Rather than teaching you the behaviors that are required for success in the ring of any specific sport, this seminar will address how to assess and increase your dog’s comfort level, confidence, and focus in novel and challenging environments, which then can support your in-ring performances. Dr. Cook will explain the use of various forms of play as a gauge of the dog's emotional state. And using play in developing a rehabilitation plan that takes into account the dog's thresholds and enjoyment in the training process. Come learn about The Play Way!

In this seminar you will learn
--How to identify stress in dogs
--About threshold management
--How to read your dog so you know what to do when
--About relaxed play, and its important role in the rehabilitation of stress and anxiety
--Personal play, food or toys: which one should you use and when?

This seminar is appropriate for owners of dogs with general anxiety, performance or ring stress or over-arousal, as well as insecurity in new environments or anyone interested in how emotions effect learning and performance.

"You spend a lot of time training behaviors, but how much time do you spend training emotions?" -Amy Cook, Ph.D

Working dogs will be working on Sunday only, but are welcome to attend the Saturday lecture
Session Notes:
This is a two day Workshop. Saturday is Lecture only. Sunday Amy will have one on one sessions with working dogs. Working dogs are welcome to attend Saturday lecture.
Session Details:
Cost: $175.00
Length: 2 - 8 hour lessons
Size: up to 10

Upcoming Sessions:
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